Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comedy Zone Maryland? Comedy Zone DC?

The weeks just fly by. With my day job at Chevy's going great, opening the cafeteria in Rosslyn, and the Seminary Plaza theater project inching forward, my toilet paper roll is spinning. This area adversion to snow and ice (really rain) is amazing. Friday's weather kept everyone home, while Saturday was a full house again.
We are trying to expand the Comedy Zone to new locations in the DC area to make it easier for everyone to get to a show near them and that is keeping Cory very busy. This past Thursday, Heather and I attended a seminar presented by Network Solutions on Search Engine Optimization. What it really showed me was how little about programming I know and how much help is available for those who really want to succeed. I would recommend this class for anybody who would like to increase their presence on the web. The Network Solutions people were fantastic to work with and we look forward to a long relationship with them.
The class was held at the Universities of Shady Grove. This is a campus of school buildings that all of the Universities in the area use as a satellite campus. Someone created a campus for use by the major universities without the university having to maintain a complete faciltiy. A brillant idea. All of our area universities were represented in this facilty. (just thought I would share that with you).
On to the Comedy Zone show, R. Bruce comes to town to entertain you. He has been all around the world making people laugh and now it's our turn. A great entertainer mixing music and comedy to make your night fun. You can make your reservation on our website at
All you need to do is sit, relax, and laugh. Laughter is guarenteed to make you feel better according to the American Medical Association. That's no joke! The shows gets started at 7 PM with live jazz music and the comedian takes the stage just after 8 PM.
We want to thank the people who travel from Maryland, DC and as far south as Richmond to support the Comedy Zone Alexandria. It seems we should be the Comedy Zone Maryland or we can call ourselves the Comedy Zone DC with all the support. While we are actively looking to expand to new locations your support in Alexandria makes it all possible.
Thanks for reading,

Thanks to Maryland and DC Comedy fans

I wanted to put up a special post to thank the people who have supported the Comedy Zone Alexandria. We put on the best comedy show in DC. We have people travel from Maryland, DC, and as far south as Richmond every Friday and Saturday to watch our show. Without your support we would not be one of the best comedy clubs in DC. Maryland is a great supporter of the Comedy Zone Alexandria and we appreciate it. I work in Greenbelt, Maryland managing a Chevy's Mexican Restaurant and know first hand what it takes to come across the bridge into Alexandria. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
We feel we produce the best comedy show in DC, the best comedy show in Maryland, and the best comedy show in Virginia, all for your enjoyment. Next time you want to have a group event,let us know. We put on the best bachelorette parties in Virginia. Bachelors tend to go to Atlantic City before a comedy show, but the girls love comedy. For the best Bachelorette party in DC think of the Comedy Zone Alexandria. Just let us know what we can do to make your evening special. Check out our website at for more information.
One final thank you for traveling long distances for the best comedy club in DC area.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Davin Rosenblatt comes to Comedy Zone DC

Another week goes by like a day. John Maxwell uses the analogy that Life is like a roll of toilet paper....the closer the to the end you get, the faster it goes. Remember as a child how long summers were? Well we are all getting older by the day. Something proven to help people live longer is laughter. (How did you like that segway to the comedy.)
This past weekend Saturday's show was packed and Bruce Goodman did a good job. Everyone laughed. Ninety minutes out of your life for some good wholesome entertainment. Live entertainment is becoming harder to find these days. So please come out and support the Comedy Zone. Number one, you will help your health, and number two, you will help keep live entertainment in Alexandria.
Coming this week is Davin Rosenblatt, his previous visits to Zig's have been great. we look forward to a great show. If you can get a group of friends together we would love to see you at the show Friday or Saturday. Reservations are recommended since the show is getting more popular, especially on Saturday nights. It makes it easier on everyone so we can staff for the business we expect and also paying on PayPal in advance is very convenient for both, you and us.
We are hoping to announce a celebrity show in the next couple of weeks for late March. We have such a great room at Floyd's, the service, food and atmosphere are all excellant. Even the parking is a big plus for us. Free and convenient, how not DC.
On a different subject, the movie Michael Clayton comes out on DVD this Tuesday. The reason I bring it up is I follow the AMC Hoffman movie listings and you might of noticed that a movie will move down the list and hang in there for a while with two shows like 7 and 10 PM.
That usually means it is a very good movie. Then it usually disappears and resurfaces at Blockbuster some time later. Well, Michael Clayton was showing this past weekend at the theater and this week it is in Blockbuster. The only other movie I have seen do this was The Departed and that was a great movie. So I look forward to getting the DVD on Tuesday and watching it. I do not usually get excited about movies but this one has caught my eye. Just thought I would share that with you.
While sharing worthless information, tonight I am going to Seacret's in Ocean City (my favorite place in the world) to see Jimi's Chicken Shack. Wanda and I are always looking for good live entertainment and Seacret's provides some great nights in a great setting. One statement I have become comfortable making after travelling all over the world and I consider myself a bar conisurre, the best bar in the entire world happens to be in Ocean City, Maryland and it is Seacret's. Tiki bars in the South Pacific, clubs in New York and South Beach, Night spots in Vegas, none can beat Seacret's for a great time. I can't undertsand why Ocean City, Maryland has the best bar, but it does. More to come on Seacret's as the weather gets nicer.
Just sharing some rambling thoughts with you and we hope to see you soon at a show at Floyd's.
You can make reservations for the Comedy Zone at
See you soon,

Monday, February 11, 2008

My blog, my way now

Hello everyone
The show last week was great. Jack Wilhite did Rock and Roll impersonations. My favorite was David Bowie selling depends under garments. Friday turnout was light and Saturday was very good. It is amazing how much influence the crowd has on the show. Wanda and I are just back from Jacksonville where we had a family reunion and got to watch the Giants in the best Super Bowl in my lifetime. The only other game that even enters my memory was when Tennessee was stopped on the one yard line when time expired. To all my Patroit and Red Sox fans I have just three words for you....eighteen, and, one. The Pats went from arguably the best team in history to just another also ran team. It has been three years since their last Super Bowl. Stick a fork in them, they are done.
For all football fans you should do a search on YouTube under "Hitler Cowboy Fan", it is hilarous. We also have videos on YouTube under Taste Our Laughter.
Well this weekend we have Bruce Goodman coming to Floyd's Friday and Saturday. More information on the Comedy Zone at It is going to be another great show. While we were gone last weekend, the first show Wanda and I have not been to in years, Valerie Storm rocked the place. On Friday night she received a standing ovation from the crowd and was just as good on Saturday. Possibly our best show ever is what the regulars have said. Do not forget that name.
Heather is back safely from Costa Rico with some great stories. Thank God. We just watched the movie Touristas, a good movie but I am glad I did not see it until she returned. That was not by design, but divine intervention made it that way.
Wanda screaming for me to come eat before it gets cold, so I hope we see you soon at a show. We really need your support to make the Comedy Zone a success. Live entertainment is becoming rarer every day.
Thanks for reading and talk to you soon,

Monday, February 04, 2008

Do you want to laugh out Loud? Comedy Zone Alexandria

This weekend's comic's has traveled all over the world doing his thing and now he comes to Northern Virginia to entertain you. We are proud to present Jack Wilhite this weekend for two great shows. His wit and obtuse take on current events will have you laughing so hard your ribs will hurt at work on Monday. One of our favorites over the years and a regular at the Atlantis in the Bahamas, Jack puts on a show that you will not soon forget. Grab some friends and make an evening out of it. Guarenteed to entertain.
During your time with us we hope to help you forget all your problems (at least for the ninety minutes or so). All you need to do is sit, relax, and laugh. Just enjoy the fine cooking and great comedy we will present to you. Laughter is goood for your heart, health, and soul.
Plan on coming out to support both your health and our attempt to bring live comedy to Northern Virginia. Laughter is guaranteed to make you feel better according to the American Medical Association.
You can make reservations on our website, or just click on the link to the left. We now use PayPal, which is very safe and convenient. If you feel better you can give our box office a call at (703) 519-0713.
The comedy will start at 8 PM and is finished by 9:30 PM, so you can plan your evening. Floyd's is putting specials on the menu specifically for our guests. Great, home style cooking while you enjoy live entertainment on the new stage in the main room.
Plan on coming early so you can check out the live jazz music we present prior to the show so you can enjoy your dinner in style. Our friends, the Old Dominion Jazz Trio, appear regularly.