Friday, July 23, 2004

Living at the Center of the World

Looking back hundreds of years, with hindsight to our advantage, where would you choose to live?
If we were alive during the Greek civilization, where would we of wanted to live?
More then likely rather then being in a conqueror country we would choose to live in or nearby Athens. Perhaps a beautiful ranch three hours ride on your horse from the city. When Italy was controlling the Roman Empire, would we choose to live near Rome? It seems with hindsight there is a draw to live near the center of power. I realize with information flowing at the speed of light it downplays this issue, but all one has to do is read a newspaper from Denver to see some things take longer to change.
So using this newfound insight fast forward 500 hundred years and look back to this day and age. The center of the world would be on the East Coast of the United States - New York/Washington
Perhaps that is what keeps all of us living and loving this area. Although many talk of fonder places they choose to continue to live here. Economy is usually the best at the center, the actual change of seasons ( 4 different seasons) is a draw that many do not realize until they move to Florida, being in the know has a subconscious draw to us. Local news to us is what the President did today. We take a lot for granted and perhaps we should take a moment to appreciate this wonderful life we have in America.
Now the dark clouds roll in called terrorism. If the crazies are going to detonate a nuclear device it will be in New York or Washington for these same reasons. As the center of the world it is also the center of the target. We must all prepare for the day because it is no longer a matter of if but when.
There is some serious hatred out there. So while we have it so well APPRECIATE it!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Yah man Seacrets rules

Ocean City Maryland is an unlikely place to find one of the greatest bars in the world but that is exactly what you get with Seacrets
One can listen to live reggae in the sand all night long (with a keno bar just off to the side)
or perhaps you want to go to the night club with the bouncing steel floor, balloons and confetti from the ceiliing and just a dance hall gone crazy. Non stop dancing all....night.....long
The ad on the radio says ADD is good at Seacrets, if you get bored in one place just move to another.
Food until 1 am, 100 security and 100 servers/bartenders seem like an army every night. The jerk chicken is great, although I should try it sober sometime to really be sure. Dining in the bay floating on a raft while the sun is up is a sight to see (hardbodies only) For us normal folks they have rows of booths along the beach.
Over 10,000 people pay $10 a head every saturday there.
You must like crowds, North Carolina this is not.
That will be the subject of another message soon
1982- seacrets is just that a seacret. Close down the Ocean Club at 2am, walk across costal highway, down a dirt road to an old gas station, friends hung out until morning.
Eventually it become  a private club, then a public one and now perhaps the best bar on the planet.
I was at studio 54 at its peak, LA bars owned by famous people, Tiki bars in tropical paradises,
just recently the VIP room at the Ghost Bar at the Palms and I will stick my neck out and say none compare to a night in Seacrets. Find it and get Lost!
If you are in Ocean City and are looking for any of the Zigs staff, you can find us at Seacrets by midnight, usually listening to live reaggae and playing keno.
Seacrets, Jamica USA