Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rangel Validates ONE TERM & OUT

The fun in Washington keeps on rolling. Another example of why term limits would work is on display. Mr. Rangel (D-NY) has stepped down as chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee due to ethics issues. Seems like this time around Caribbean vacations were being given away and Mr Rangel is not one to miss a freebie. Only later did he try to blame his staff, not once owning up to what he did. Still under investigation for more serious issues, he faces a rocky future in the House. Late income tax payments for a rental property in Dominican republic. Non disclosure of hundreds of thousands of dollars of wealth. The question there is where did it all come from? Not a question we should be asking a 20 term congressman. Pitiful person with weak moral character. Kick him out of office as soon as possible.
His supporter and enabler Nancy Pelosi talked big about draining the swamp to root out corruption. Did she realize that included Democratic Leadership? She lives in a glass house on this one. How can she complain about him when she does the same stuff every day. Some one should look into her use of military aircraft as personal private jet service. Why doesn't the Speaker of the House fly commercial (even coach) like the rest of the country. There is no operational need for her to waste taxpayer money on military jets for her travel.
Pelosi cleaning up corruption would be like Obama leading the Armed Forces, if it was not real it would be hilarious.
ONE TERM & OUT would save this country a lot of grief and money.


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