Monday, March 08, 2010

Government Unions Pillage the Staes

In 1978 the State of California started a program designed to protect the identity and addresses of law enforcement personnel from being given out by the DMV to the wrong person. A very good idea at the time. Well, DMV will no longer give out any personal information and with the Internet finding out the information is easy.
One would think that the program would kind of just disappear since it no longer has a purpose. Enter the State's most powerful group, State Employee Union. "The Special License" program has grown and grown through the granting of the special privileges to union members. That means that union members who are enrolled in its program are immune from any camera enforcement, parking restrictions, or any other motor vehicle infraction. It is a Get Out of Jail free card for the selected few.
Is there an end to the abuse of the taxpayer for unnecessary perks for the unions? It seems that Government Employee Unions are doing much more harm to this country then any good for their members. The unions have caused cities to file bankruptcy to gain concessions. They have the taxpayer screwed.
The Governemnt Employee Union needs to be put into their place. They work for us, not the other way around. When it is in the best interest fo the city and it's residents but opposed by the union it is time for change.
One more example of a mind set that holds oneself above your fellow citizens. If it is not the political class acting as royalty it is the union leadership who feel the members are there to support the leadership's excesses.
Dawn is coming to American and real change will be in the air. The leadership of this country has been warned and does not care. The Political elite has grabbed too much and gone too far finally.
Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves right now. We must take back our country.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Health Care Olympic's Style

Universal Health Care supporters holds Canada up as an example of great government health care. If it is so great why would the Premier of Newfoundland travel to Florida for heart surgery. This example provides an insight into government run health care that is sorely missing in today's debate. The reasons the Canadian Premier choose to come to Florida are many.

To begin with Canadian Heart Surgeons are using out dated techniques that require the ribs to be broken to get to the heart. In our country, this is a thing of the past. All that is needed is a small incision in the armpit. This allows significantly less healing time for the patient to fully recover.
The Florida heart surgeon he choose has performed over 8000 surgeries.

The delay being scheduled in Canada would of cost him his life. he could not wait for the next scheduled surgery, he needed surgery now to survive. The Premier stated concern was that he would not feel right using his position to jump to the front of the line ahead of other's not in his position. So he choose to come here for care. Interesting choice, demonstrates many shortcomings of their care. Almost half of the Canadians say they have considered coming to the US for health care. Can not say the reverse is true.
No American Politician would use his position to gain an advantage over an average American. The government here, unlike in Canada, would not have to ration care or delay surgeries. Not in the utopia that is being sold in Washington today, we all get everything we need for no cost to us. Just our grand children's grandchildren will pay it 100 years from now.
Other then cheap drugs which America is subsidizing, what are the advantages? Everyone gets quiet when actual examples are used because they can not be brushed away as nonsense.

Let's start over with health care reform which in itself is a great idea whose true time may have finally arrived.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Democrat Voters Bailing on Obama

In Texas there was a democratic primary the other day and the democratic party candidate was trounced (53%-27%) by an anti-Obama democrat. Kesha Rogers calls herself a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat who believes the president should be impeached. Her campaign startegy was one of constantly attacking Obama and his policies, especially health care. The message hit home and the Texas democratic party is in trouble. Even the Democratic Party can not march in sync with the President and expect to be re-elected. The party machine has met its match this time around and if the party doesn't figure this out they are apt to lose much more then a few elections.
What message should Congress hear from all this? If you vote for the President's health care bill except challenges from within your own party, because Republicans are not alone in their pain over the direction of the country.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rangel Validates ONE TERM & OUT

The fun in Washington keeps on rolling. Another example of why term limits would work is on display. Mr. Rangel (D-NY) has stepped down as chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee due to ethics issues. Seems like this time around Caribbean vacations were being given away and Mr Rangel is not one to miss a freebie. Only later did he try to blame his staff, not once owning up to what he did. Still under investigation for more serious issues, he faces a rocky future in the House. Late income tax payments for a rental property in Dominican republic. Non disclosure of hundreds of thousands of dollars of wealth. The question there is where did it all come from? Not a question we should be asking a 20 term congressman. Pitiful person with weak moral character. Kick him out of office as soon as possible.
His supporter and enabler Nancy Pelosi talked big about draining the swamp to root out corruption. Did she realize that included Democratic Leadership? She lives in a glass house on this one. How can she complain about him when she does the same stuff every day. Some one should look into her use of military aircraft as personal private jet service. Why doesn't the Speaker of the House fly commercial (even coach) like the rest of the country. There is no operational need for her to waste taxpayer money on military jets for her travel.
Pelosi cleaning up corruption would be like Obama leading the Armed Forces, if it was not real it would be hilarious.
ONE TERM & OUT would save this country a lot of grief and money.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Global Warming Job Fair $179,700 Gov't Job

Global warming the science might be in question, but global warming politics are going full steam ahead. It seems the administration feels this is a good time to create and hire 13 people as Climate Change Program Managers in the department of the Interior and the EPA.
Let's start them at $179,700 per year plus benefits equaling the salary for a total cost to taxpayers of just under $360,000 per employee, totaling $5,800,000 per year. This seems to be some one's stimulus, just not the taxpayers.
Is this an end run around congress and the American taxpayer. Is the administration beginning to staff permanent government jobs with global warming proponents. Who hires these people and why do we need them?
The disconnect between Washington DC and the rest of us is growing. George Washington instituted his own term limits when he refused President for Life. It is time for a newly elected government to try things out. It could make things worse, or it could make them better. Don't know which, but what i do know is this, Change will be Good for the country even if it a bad idea.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Justice at the Justice Department?

Attorney General Holder has issues. We all know this. The time has come for some accountability. AG Holder should not of been confirmed due to his tax issues, whihc brough into question his character. His character has been in question alot since then.

Now the lastest, in a serious rebuke, the top ranking career attorney in the department, accuses the Office of Professional Responsibiltiy with seriousd wrong doing in the investigation of the Bush Era torture memos. Even though he personally disagrees with the lawyers decisions in support of torture, it is a very comlicated legal matter involveing a complex area of unsettled law. He took issue with the departure of standard investigative procedures in favor of plitically biased investigating.

The OPR is led by Ms. Brown, who just happens to have been nominated for a federal judgeship by the president. This is the same office that is "currently" investigating the dropped Voter Intimadation charges in Philadelphia. The ethics of the Justice department's OPR are in question, as is the leadership under Ms. Brown. The smell of political back scratching is overwhelming and leads right to the White House.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care TV

With the Health Care Summit coming to television today a few comments to ponder.
Let start with the President, he has a compromise plan he crafted with the Democratic Congressional Leadership at the White House and a plan to pass the bill through a back door budgetary manuever called reconcilation which only needs 51 votes to pass to avoid the Republican filibuster. Whether he can get 51 democrats to vote for it is a different issue.

Republicans are in a different seat. Being labeled the party of no has not stuck because it is not correct. The party of sell outs would be a better description. Is there a back bone in the Republican Party? Stand Up and scream for your ideals. Less Government, Less Taxes, Less Regulation.

Democrats are the ones who the President has screwed. To vote for the plan will mean no reelection for a lot of people. In Nevada watching the President shove Health care down the throats of people who wanted to talk about jobs and the economy, and instead got a "lesson" with a good finger wag, on the need to pass Health Care Reform at any cost. Say Good Bye Mr. Reid.

The President had the largest majority in Congress I have ever seen and failed to enact Health care Reform. His response is to blame the Republicans. How about someone taking some responsibility?
With all this the President calls for a summit on Health Care. Announces it on television without informing Republicans about it. Then dictated when, where, how it will occur. What purpose is to be served if the deal is already done. Oh yeah, I forgot, it makes great television and the president is running for relection you know.