Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Week ahead in Review

Another great week ahead at Zig's.
Friday and Saturday Night with Mike Venneman this weekend. Mike is an excellent comic. He is a great story teller, talking about his wife and daughter with every day observations which leave you hurting from laughter. Mike was just on Late Night and is working on a special for Comedy Central, so once again we expect a good crowd.
Last Saturday was another sold out show. We actually turned away people who did not have reservations, so please let us know you are coming because we hate to turn anyone away, no matter how good it is for business. The show was awesome last weekend with Mike Storck performing his brand of intellectual humor to two full shows.
We put the jazz on again Saturday night and received rave reviews. We are trying to have music every Friday and Saturday before the comedy show starts. The ambiance that we created is wonderful and very conducive to enjoying a fine meal and show. Look for them on February 9th and 16th this month (both Fridays) before the Comedy Zone with their set starting at 6 PM. They are also on the schedule for a couple of Thursday nights this month. Please check our calendar for more information. Instrumental music before the show is something that came from a suggestion on a report card. We are currently working on scheduling the music before every show. We read every Report Card and share them with our entire staff, so please if you have any suggestions or ideas, or even a compliant please know we take the report cards very seriously. The Report Card is where we get the emails for this list to grow also.

In last week's letter we mentioned the boy who was observant enough to get a description of the white pick up truck that kidnapped his friend. Well it turns out that the kid just turned 15 (which is the age for a driver license in his state) and Chrysler gave him a brand new white pickup as a gift. That's a great move on Chrysler's part.

Super Bowl week is upon us. Not quite like last year at Zig's. Without the Steeler's seats will be available this year. Hopefully the game will be as good as the party because we know the party will be a blast. No DJ for the Super Bowl because people actually want to listen to the commercials. We will have lots of great gifts and prizes to give away. Kick off is at 6:28 PM on Sunday evening. We currently have quite a few reservations already, so if you want to have a table waiting for you let us know you are coming.
Add to that the Hip Hop show on Thrusday night at 10 PM, and you get a full weekend of activity at Zig's.
Thursday Hip Hop, Friday and Saturday the Comedy Zone, and Sunday the Super Bowl, a full weekend of fun and games. Even Monday, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are fun at Zig's with Johnny behind the bar working with one of the girls.
Let me introduce Johnny to you all. Johnny works at my favorite spot in the world. Those of you who know me, know that would be Seacret's in Ocean City, Maryland. During May thru September Johnny works at Seacret's Nite Club and has been there for four seasons. During the offseason he will work weekends at Seacret's and comes back to Zig's for two or three nights a week. He has become a good friend to all of us at Zig's and is part of our family now. So if you get into Zig's during the week say Hello to Johnny and if you ever get to Ocean City we have a friend at Seacret's. Bettina is talking about going to work there this summer also. We will see about that. Seacret's has a bar staff of 100 of the best bartenders in the country and each year they hire less then 10 new people. Bettina is good enough for one of their positions and now has to decide what she wants to do. We are all for it, although we do not know what we would do without her for three months, Wanda and I would love to have Bettina serve us at Seacret's.
What an awesome concept.
If you do not about Seacret's you must check it out. Young and old alike hang out there. Bars and booths on the beach. Three stages of music going at once. Great food, and seriously great fun. During the day the servers will wade into the bay to serve those floating in the water on rafts. It is a place for everyone to relax and chill out. We love it there and when we are not at Zig's, that is the safest bet for our location.
We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming week and please say hello if you see me. Your ideas are where we get our future from. See you Soon.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Lifetime Learning and Service with Laughter

A few things I learned this week. First, Malaria is a greater concern to the people of the world then AIDS is....Not what I would of thought, another is in 1963 South Korea and Ghana had the same GNP, not so any more. Newt Gingrich was the speaker at the event Teo, Bettina, and I attended this past week at the Gallup Building in DC. The building and the service from the staff was a definition of First Class, I think even Teo and Bettina were impressed with the show they put on. Excellent Service is something we strive for every day and events like this show us what is possible. Production value alone, but, in this event the content was as impressive. Newt was very personal and engaging and his insights into the world at large were fascinating.

One other thing I learned this week was men and women react differently to the cold. I am not talking about Wanda and myself, but male and female physiology. This I learned in Scuba class, which on a sidebar is beyond belief fun. I have always loved the water but to stay under is an experience everyone should do at some point in your life. But back to what we learned this week, Shivering is the body's sign it is losing the battle to keep itself warm. It is a warning to get warmer or trouble is coming. The trouble that comes differs from men and women. Men's body react by pushing all the blood out to the hands and feet to protect the muscles and tissues in the limbs, while women protect the core. Their blood is kept in the organs and they sacrifice the limbs to save the organs. So a man has to be real careful for organ failure when freezing and a woman can lose their limbs much sooner then a man would.

Speaking of limbs, our Heather's new mantra is Rip and Tear. She is undergoing serious rehab on her shoulders and neck. No pain no gain for the recovery.
If you call our box office Wednesday through Saturday from noon until six you will usually get Heather on the phone, make a reservation and say Hello. This weekend Mike Stork comes to Zig's. Mike is one of those comics that are on the way up and has the whole place cracking up as he goes. Another one who you have seen on our previews and clips.
Last Saturday's show was a sellout. Our first other then Pauly Shore for comedy. We want to thank everyone who is supporting us in this venture of entertainment. CeeJay put on a great show for the crowd. I think it helps make a better show with a crowded venue.

This Saturday the Zig's Jazz Trio returns. From 6:15 PM until 7:45 PM enjoy our house jazz band while you eat dinner before the Comedy Zone show that starts at 8 PM. This is the best compliment to you and the comedy we could come up with. Come in and appreciate the ambiance it creates. We are trying to do more of this for you. Let us know what you think either through the report cards or through this email. On the report cards, THANK YOU AGAIN. They are a vital line of communication with our guests which we take very seriously.
I look forward to seeing them every night after the show. We share them with the whole staff, we want your feedback because it helps us improve what we do.

So we have Mike Stork coming this weekend with the Jazz trio on Saturday. No NFL this weekend and then the following week, Super Bowl on Sunday evening. Does anyone think it might set the least viewed Super Bowl record? Indiana playing Chicago brings back memories of the original Mike. All I Know is Reggie Miller could shoot the ball as well as anyone ever. Too bad he never won, so that brings us back to Peyton. After pulling the biggest comeback in a championship game, will he blow it or will he tear the Bear's defense up? I am just messing with my Colt fans with the NBA talk, who's coming to the Super Bowl? This is your game!

Thanks for reading about Zig's and our lives and we look forward to seeing you soon at the show.
Tom and all the staff

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

CeeJay Headlines this Weekend

Thursday already, slipping a little this week.

The Headliner has changed this week to CeeJay. Seems Grandma Lee was unable to make it this weekend. She will be returning soon.
But instead we get CeeJay, one of Zig's favorites. You will recognize his face from our intro to the show every week. He is a regular on BET's Comic View and has also been on Showtime at the Apollo. He is a heavy hitter who we love. It looks like a good weekend already with reservations so plan on some serious laughter this weekend.
We now have the Zig's box office open Wednesday thru Saturday from Noon until 6 PM. Give us a call to make your reservations and answer any questions you might have. Yes actually a live person to talk to. We are taking your suggestions for improvement seriously, so please give us your opinions. The Report Card is entered and shared with our entire staff.

Anyone going out on Thursday Night?? Zig's Live Music Returns
Thursday night we have acoustic music with a band called Release. They are outstanding and are bringing a guitar and some bongos to have some fun with. We have not had much music lately so if you like music, try to stop by Thursday night. They start around 10 -10:30 and will play until midnight.

The real hero in the kidnapped boys story is the friend who reported the white pickup speeding away from the bus stop. Without his observation they would both still be in trouble. Can you believe Shawn was there for four years??
Just a Thought I wanted to share.
Thanks for checking in
Tom and the Staff at the Comedy Zone

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Life without the Steelers...and Dad

Our first weekend with out the Steelers. Awful quiet in here for a football game. Our thanks go out to the best fans in the world, even the last week, the faithful came out in force and supported Zig's to the fullest. Mucho Gracias from all of us here at Zig's. (did you catch the Chevy's influence?)

The comedy show with Tim Kidd was incredible. He did a bit where his thoughts were aired over the PA system as he looked around that had everyone, even the "manager" rolling.
This weekend we host Julie Scoggins, one of the funniest woman in America according to American Women magazine. Her show is excellant.
We strongly recommend reservations for the comedy show as it gets more popular, the reservation enables us to better serve you. Last time Julie was here she performed to two full houses so don't miss a great show this weekend Friday and Saturday at 8 PM.

This Thursday Night Jazz is on. Stop in and check out the ambiance of the room when our Jazz trio is on stage. Their set will be from 8 PM until 10 PM. Enjoy a glass of wine or eat a meal, either way the atmosphere is worth checking out. We would-like to have Jazz every Friday and Saturday before the comedy as an accompaniment to dinner. Working on the schedule now to make that happen regularly.
Friday and Saturday after the show look for Club Z with a DJ who will start spinning around 10:30 PM and continue until close. (did you like the club z reference, I just made that up). Working on a DJ now. All we need is two turn tables and a microphone and we will be "Where It's at". Give us your feedback as you notice the changes in format. We are constantly striving for improvement in our operations resulting in abetter experience for you and your friends.

We would like to thank everyone who has expressed their support for Wanda this week after her father passed away on Friday. Looks like we will make one more trip to San Diego, which has been a regular destination for us over the years to visit her father, for his funeral on Thursday. Gene lived a full and happy life and he was prepared to go. We cherish the time we spent with him and Kay over the last few years and will remember him fondly forever. We also have enjoyed our stays at the Ocean Beach Hotel right on the corner of Newport and Abbott. A very inexpensive and perfectly placed hotel in Ocean Beach. Reminds us of a nice Plim Plaza from Ocean City. Definetly the "coolest" hotel in San Diego. Kind of like the water, everything is cool, never cold, nor hot just cool all the time. Bring your windbreaker with you everywhere. Easy to see why San Diego is one of the best places to live in the world.

Once again we want to thank all of you reading this because without you, We would be just amusing oursleves and that's no fun for long. Jet Blue says with out the person in the seat we would just be flying a bunch of TVs around.

Thanks from the whole staff here at Zig's