Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Comedy Zone takes off with Grand Opening

Harris Teeter is finally open. We love there employees, not only are they great people but they seem to love Zig's also and for that we can not thank them enough. So if you have been to Harris Teeter yet it is time to check it out and that goes for the whole shopping center. We are very pedestrian friendly now which should help us get some the Cameron Station people to venture our way.
The Comedy Zone had two full shows this past weekend and we expect that to continue. The crowds actually make the show better, so please if you are planning to come by this weekend, we suggest reservations at 7 PM. The comic this week is Marvin Todd from Comic View on BET. He is hilarious.
Congratulations to Scott and Kathleen, who got married on Friday in Aruba. And what a wedding it was. sun seting behind them with the waves sloshing at their feet and of course the perfectly timed sailboat for the photographer's background.
Aruba was awesome. Hot and sunny every day and just hot at night. If the heat bothers you Aruba is not for you. The people were wonderful, the prices are just like home and the hotels are beautiful.
Back to work is tough following a week in the Caribbean but it has to be done.
see you all real soon,
Tom and the staff at Zig's

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Scott and Kathleen, Aruba and Harris Teeter

Off we go to Aruba, which is just off the coast of Venezula, for Scott and Kathleen's wedding. Everything is happening so fast these days. Harris Teeter is ready to open on Wednesday and Heather and I went down and toured the building. The building itself is impressive but what Heather and I both took away was their staff was incredible. Everywhere we went, people introduced themselves and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We are lucky to have such a great group of people working with us. The shopping center is looking amazing, if you have not been by in a while it is now time to check it out.
At Zig's lunches are going strong now seven days a week. The Harris Teeter people once again have supported us on a daily basis and we look forward to a long relationship with them.
Here we go, Grand Opening after two years of construction. The headliner this weekend is Nick Lewis, extremely strong comic and one of our favorites here. Regular on BET's Comic View.
We had new carpeting installed this week and the place has never looked better (if I do say so myself).
So please stop by and Taste Our Laughter.
See you soon,
Tom and the rest of our wonderful staff

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Future is just about Here

The construction is in clean up mode and Harris Teeter is training it's staff. The outdoor patio is being used and the trees have been planted. Our lighting is operational and we are awaiting our sign delivery.
Lunches have been getting busier every day. Bettina is loving the day shift again. If you have not seen and said Hello to Bettina yet, please stop in to see her.
We are running a daily lunch special every day and Magic is prepared to make anything you heart desires, just let him know what you like once. He will have it for you evry time you come in.
Once again, we can not express our appreciation enough to everyone who has stuck by us through this tribulation called a remodel.
Tom and the rest of the staff at Zig's

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Building Business Again

The construction is closer to finishing then ever. Outdoor dining on the brick patio is doing well. Magic kept it full on Monday night. What is with this weather, summer in October?
Bettina's lunches are picking up, it is nice to see everyone again. It has been too long. The parking lot is open, Harris Teeter is looking good getting ready for te October 25th Grand Opening. Bettina has been working real hard and would love to see you for lunch. (If you are reading this more then likely you know all of this anyway, since you are my main stay).

This weekend is Greg Lausch, who is a mainstay on Comic View and last time he was here he was hilarious. Next weekend is Pittsburgh Native Melanie Malloy, so we have a couple of top rated comics the next couple of weekends.
We all hope to see you at Zig's real soon

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pauly Shore Rocked the House

Two full shows, Pauly Shore was in charge. he ranted, raved and rocked the crowd. When Lawrence finished and introduced him, the roar from the standing room only crowd made the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
Pauly hung out and took pictures, signed autographs until everyone was done. Pauly was so down to earth, I guess what you would expect from the Wease. He was proud of his past and it showed, unlike some of the stars these days Pauly has embraced his past and had everyone laughing their behinds off over it. Politics, Religion, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll were all topics he had an opinion on. Hard to call it an act because he is just as funny off stage with each person.
We were proud to host someone who loves life with a passion and shares it with everyone!
Hats off to our Police and Fire men and woman who came out to enjoy the show. We can not thank you enough for what you do everyday.

We would also like to thank every one who supported great LIVE entertainment Sunday night and Hope to see you soon.