Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Comedy Zone DC has the Best View in DC

We move forward into summer with CeeJay as our headliner this week. CeeJay is one of our favorites, his show is hilarious. We have the perfect set up for date night with the view out the windows second to none in the DC area. 14 Floors up, overlooking the mall with the Capitol, White House and Washington Monument laid out in front of you like a picture. It sometimes distracts even the comics who have all commented on it from stage. It really is "breathtaking".
We have partnered with an oddities group called Cheeky Monkey and they will be providing us with some of their variety acts that we will use for the dinner shows. They are "out of this world" interesting. You can check them out at


We offer a complete menu, you can check it out online at the hotels website if you are interested. Great Food, Great service to go along with the gGreat Entertainment adds up to a winning formula to insure a great night out for you and your friends. To give you the best possible service we strongly recommend reservations. You can make them at

We hope to see you this weekend at
the Comedy Zone DC at the DoubleTree Hotel in Crystal City.
We have three shows for your convenience, Friday's and Saturday's Dinner show at 7 PM and Saturday's Late Night show at 10:30 PM.
The dinner show starts off with live Jazz at 6:30 PM while you enjoy a fantastic meal froom our chef, followed by two variety acts and then our headliner, Kelly Terranova takes the stage. The late night show will consist of an opener and the headliner more in the form of a stand up comedy show.
Parking is complimentary from the hotel in the self-parking lot attached to the hotel. Valet parking is not complimentary. We had some mix ups with that during week one.
As an added benefit from the hotel they have offered our guests for the dinner shows complimentary addmission to the Sky Dome on Friday and Saturday after the show. Normally a $10 cover charge to enter, the cover is waived with your dinner receipt, so you can enjoy the panoramic views from the top of the hotel with the revoloving floor while enjoying a nightcap or two.
The Windows Over Washington Restaurant is located on the 14th floor of the North Tower. We will be providing better signage so you can find it easier. Lessons learned as we go along.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Comedy Show in DC This Weekend

It is finally time to put the show on. We have Mike Siscoe coming to town this weekend.
Mike's show is one of the best we have and is sure to leave you laughing out loud. Make plans to come check out our new venue and have a great meal with some great entertainment. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your night special. We strongly recommend reservations. You can make them at www.TasteOurLaughter.com and check out the video of the last time Mike was here. We hope to see you this weekend at the Comedy Zone DC at the DoubleTree Hotel in Crystal City.
Make your reservations now so we can get the ball rolling in the right direction with the DoubleTree Hotel. You have three choices from which to choose, Friday at 7 with the dinner show, the Variety Dinner Show on Saturday starting at 7 PM with live jazz and variety entertainment, or the Saturday Uncensored at 10:30. We look forward to seeing you.