Monday, March 08, 2010

Government Unions Pillage the Staes

In 1978 the State of California started a program designed to protect the identity and addresses of law enforcement personnel from being given out by the DMV to the wrong person. A very good idea at the time. Well, DMV will no longer give out any personal information and with the Internet finding out the information is easy.
One would think that the program would kind of just disappear since it no longer has a purpose. Enter the State's most powerful group, State Employee Union. "The Special License" program has grown and grown through the granting of the special privileges to union members. That means that union members who are enrolled in its program are immune from any camera enforcement, parking restrictions, or any other motor vehicle infraction. It is a Get Out of Jail free card for the selected few.
Is there an end to the abuse of the taxpayer for unnecessary perks for the unions? It seems that Government Employee Unions are doing much more harm to this country then any good for their members. The unions have caused cities to file bankruptcy to gain concessions. They have the taxpayer screwed.
The Governemnt Employee Union needs to be put into their place. They work for us, not the other way around. When it is in the best interest fo the city and it's residents but opposed by the union it is time for change.
One more example of a mind set that holds oneself above your fellow citizens. If it is not the political class acting as royalty it is the union leadership who feel the members are there to support the leadership's excesses.
Dawn is coming to American and real change will be in the air. The leadership of this country has been warned and does not care. The Political elite has grabbed too much and gone too far finally.
Our founding fathers are spinning in their graves right now. We must take back our country.


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