Saturday, March 06, 2010

Health Care Olympic's Style

Universal Health Care supporters holds Canada up as an example of great government health care. If it is so great why would the Premier of Newfoundland travel to Florida for heart surgery. This example provides an insight into government run health care that is sorely missing in today's debate. The reasons the Canadian Premier choose to come to Florida are many.

To begin with Canadian Heart Surgeons are using out dated techniques that require the ribs to be broken to get to the heart. In our country, this is a thing of the past. All that is needed is a small incision in the armpit. This allows significantly less healing time for the patient to fully recover.
The Florida heart surgeon he choose has performed over 8000 surgeries.

The delay being scheduled in Canada would of cost him his life. he could not wait for the next scheduled surgery, he needed surgery now to survive. The Premier stated concern was that he would not feel right using his position to jump to the front of the line ahead of other's not in his position. So he choose to come here for care. Interesting choice, demonstrates many shortcomings of their care. Almost half of the Canadians say they have considered coming to the US for health care. Can not say the reverse is true.
No American Politician would use his position to gain an advantage over an average American. The government here, unlike in Canada, would not have to ration care or delay surgeries. Not in the utopia that is being sold in Washington today, we all get everything we need for no cost to us. Just our grand children's grandchildren will pay it 100 years from now.
Other then cheap drugs which America is subsidizing, what are the advantages? Everyone gets quiet when actual examples are used because they can not be brushed away as nonsense.

Let's start over with health care reform which in itself is a great idea whose true time may have finally arrived.


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