Friday, February 26, 2010

Justice at the Justice Department?

Attorney General Holder has issues. We all know this. The time has come for some accountability. AG Holder should not of been confirmed due to his tax issues, whihc brough into question his character. His character has been in question alot since then.

Now the lastest, in a serious rebuke, the top ranking career attorney in the department, accuses the Office of Professional Responsibiltiy with seriousd wrong doing in the investigation of the Bush Era torture memos. Even though he personally disagrees with the lawyers decisions in support of torture, it is a very comlicated legal matter involveing a complex area of unsettled law. He took issue with the departure of standard investigative procedures in favor of plitically biased investigating.

The OPR is led by Ms. Brown, who just happens to have been nominated for a federal judgeship by the president. This is the same office that is "currently" investigating the dropped Voter Intimadation charges in Philadelphia. The ethics of the Justice department's OPR are in question, as is the leadership under Ms. Brown. The smell of political back scratching is overwhelming and leads right to the White House.


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