Monday, September 15, 2008

Summer is Over Already?

The weeks go by so fast these days. I can not believe summer is over. How many trips to the beach did you make? I bet the answer is proportiant to the amount of fun you had this summer. Another season at Seacret's to remember. Bettina has made Ocean City her home now and is staying through the off season. She joins Johnny as one of the select few who get to work at Seacret's year round. Make sure you check it out during the fall, lots of fun still to be had.
We have our white water rafting trip coming up. The Gauley in West Virginia has the best white water rafting this side of the Colorado River. For three weeks in October (and only the three weeks) water is released from the dam to lower the reservoir to winter levels, this causes the normally placid category 3 rapids to become catergory 5. There are 5 catergory 5 rapids in a row on the upper Gauley and it is something to behold. So if there ar eno entries after our October 5th date with the river, well, you know what happened. Just kiding, last year the temperature was 82 degrees when the normal temperature s suppose to in the forties. I do not expect to be that lucky again this year so it I will have my wet suit with me. A great day in themiddle of no where enjoying mother nature.
The Carlyle Club has lots going on these days. Please if you are reading this you need to stop by and say hello. We love the fact that every day someone comes in and says they have been looking for us and it is fun to be "found".
We have the Comedy Zone on the 20th, Doc Scantlin on the 26th, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas on the 27th.
Doc is a show that if you have not seen him it is a must see. Pure entertainment, my goal has been to lower the average age below 60 because it is a show that you would not normally think about attending, but if you did you would be like, "wow, that was a great evening" and spend all day Monday at work talking about what you saw. Money back guarentee for all my readers.
Martha Reeves is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so this should be a great show also. Heatwave and dancing in the Streets were her hits that others have covered (Stones and VanHalen).
Lots going on wih the finest venue in the DC area. Check out for more information or for the Comedy Zone check out our website,
and Thanks for reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Steeler Nation at Carlyle Club

Week One of the Steeler season was a great success at the Carlyle Club. The game was awesome with the Steelers rolling. The crowd is coming back to the best Steeler bar in the DC area. Our next event is September 21st with a 4 PM scheduled game. Big Steeler rally involving ex Players and the Steeler organization on November 2nd which is the Saturday before the Steeler/ Redskin game here in Washington. More info to follow. New TVs, bigger screen installed and a sound system to rival Zig's. Wait until you hear the Here We Go Steeler song at maximum volume. it makes me get chills thinking about it.
The last season never felt like football because we realize how muchof football was based around the Steeler crowd and it is unbelievable how good it feels to have everyone coming back. We really missed you all.
Comedy Zone had a full house last week and we have this week off because we have a wedding on Saturday. So the next Comedy Zone is scheduled for September 20th. Please get a group of friends to come out and enjoy the Carlyle Club at it's best.
Wea re really getting comfortable at the Carlyle Club as more and more people discover it. If you have not been there, you need to come and see for yourself what makes it so special.