Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pauly Shore on Sunday 8 PM

A few tickets remain for the Pauly Shore show at Zig's this Sunday, October 1st, at 8 PM.
Go to www.tickets.com click on Comedy, then Pauly Shore. Let us know when you have gotten tickets so we can save you a table.
The show wil start at 8 so please arrive around 7 PM.
See you Sunday

Steeler Heaven at Zig's on Sunday

Over 400 people turned out for the Steeler/Bengal game at Zig's. Needless to say we were crowded. By Kickoff we were turning people away and sending them to Reynolds Street to see the game. The last seat was sat at noon and the standing areas were filled before kickoff.

We want to thank the fans of the Steelers who have been coming to Zig's for years and know to arrive early. You are the reason we are one of the top three Steeler Bars in the country!

Just so you know what we are doing on Sundays, we start charging a cover when all of our seats and standing areas where you can eat are filled. First is the person paying the cover will not be able to order any food, and second we are trying to turn people away at that point so if they want to pay $10 just to get in, how can I turn them away?
We tend to think that being that crowded (like Sunday) actually decreases our sales because of our inability to keep up. The difference being the guest asking for another beer verus the server asking prior to you finishing your beer, that could add up to one or two drinks for the whole restaurant (300 people times 2 drinks = 600 drinks times $5 is $3000 in lost sales.)
We find it amusing that someone would get upset because they show up at kickoff and there are no tables waiting for them.
Beware Sunday 1 PM games are usually filled by noon. Playoffs games we were filled by 1130 last year.
Come Early, come hungry. Our best guests eat twice during the game.

The next four weeks for the Steelers are bye, 8pm, 4pm, 1pm,
We will see you soon!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

September Already going...(Must be Steeler Country)

Time is flying by as we get older. My grandfather used to say the older you get the faster the time goes by. That means when we are in our sixties the years must go by like months. Remember as a child how long the summer was? Anyway we have some exciting things going on at Zig's for you to enjoy. The comedy Zone has loaded us with the A list for the next two months. so every Friday and saturday through October we have an excellant comic performing. This Friday and Saturday (9/22,23) from New Orleans is Mutzie, one of the best comics we have ever had at Zig's.
First PAULY SHORE tickets are going fast. Less then twenty remain for the show. Sunday, October 1st at 8 PM right here in Alexandria at Zig's. Go to www.tickets.com, click on Comedy, then Pauly Shore and get tickets. Lets us know after you have them and we will save you a table for the show. A very special night in Alexnadria. Please come out and support Great Entertainment in your favorite restaurant, Zig's.
Second, next week we will have our outdoor seating again. If you have not been by in a while, visible progress has been made and it is really looking good. Parking is almost there, Harris Teeter will be opening in a few weeks. The lighting in the parking lot is like a football field.
Bettina is open every day at 11 AM to serve you lunch. Every day a different lunch special!
Third and MOST Important is it is Steeler time at Zig's. The support Thursday and Monday nights was outstanding (although the offense was not). This Sunday September 24 it willbe one of our busiest days. For a chance at a seat or table we are recommending 11AM arrival. You will not be alone as we will be full way before kickoff and might be turning people away by kickoff.
The point is come early for the best Steeler bar in the country.
Let me know if you like how we can improve this email stuff or something in the show or menu. Your feedback is neccessary for our success to continue and we do not ever want to forget that.
We would also like to thank you all again for your continued support through the last two years. Without you we would not of survived to see this day!
See you soon

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Camden Club at Yankees/Orioles Games

The Camden Club at Camden Yards is the best Venue bar we have ever been to. If you have ridden the bus to a Yankees/Orioles game with us then you would know where we spend most of our time. It is Air-conditioned in the summer and the bar does not close at the seventh inning, two very good things for us. The entrance to the club is right across Eautwah(Utah) Street from our seats in the center field bleachers. The whole street thing is cool and we do not have to enter the stadium at all.
According to Sports Illustrated magazine, the best view in all of major league baseball's from the Men's room of the Camden Club. Yes, all the girls have seen the view also. It is breathtaking.
The staff at the Camden Club is awesome. The bartenders are second to none and the servers with the tables by the windows (to see the game from) are outstanding.
We had a great season (our fifth) of bus trips and would like to thank all those at the Camden Club for dealing with our drunk asses and we look forward to next season and hope to see you all at Zig's before then.
If you have been reading our blog and hanging with us, you begin to realize that we are connoisseurs of fine food and bars. We love road trips to check things out in other cities where we can spread our wings and have fun. Let us know the best bars you know of so we can check them out. If there is any ideas we can use at Zig's, we are not to shy to copy others.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


All the fun and sun of summer is over. It is time to get back to business and for us that means it' STEELER time. it all begins tonight at 8PM. The walls are Steeler Gold and the staff is ready. French Fries on the Salads, Mozzarello Sticks on a sandwich, Magic is ready for the Game.

It is going o be a great night and we hope to see you soon and we will talk more later about the Steeler games.