Sunday, December 31, 2006

First Week 2007 already here

2007 is just rolling in. It seems the years go by faster and faster these days. Our Heather has started therapy to rehabilitate her neck and although in more pain then usual, she is making great progress in range of motion. Heather is actually ready to get back to work, since she has been out since the car accident in early April.

If you have been coming to Zig's for a while you will notice a big change next time in, we have moved Cory from behind the sound board to the stage, as he becomes our new Emcee. We are changing the format, adding an Emcee and making our hosts be a feature comic now. We plan on doing a lot of in house production work to use for Cory's openings each show. So if you have sketch ideas or have produced a funny video we would love to help you grow as an artist and have a format to air your work.
The jazz went over very well with the comedy crowd and we plan on eventually having music before every show. We are looking for our house jazz band at this time so if you know anyone who likes to play, let us know.

We should have our sign within a week or two. What a fiasco, trying to do something different is very difficult in this cookie cutter world we live in. Trying to get someone to look outside of their box is extremely difficult these days. So the choice was, would we like block letters or perhaps we would prefer block letters.

Next week we start our scuba certification class. A small group of us are getting certified here in Alexandria at Splash Dive Center, and then the fun begins. Planning our first dive trip has turned in a party in itself. We get together, usually at Southside, and discuss our possible destinations and dives that we can do. So far it is one big dive party. If you are interested you are more then welcome to join us for the fun.

Comedy Zone had two great shows with Just June this past weekend. Next up is Tim Kidd, a very funny man. Last time here we have a party during his show and the best compliment we could receive is they are coming back for this weekend's show since they enjoyed him so much last year.

We really like the comedy crowd here at Zig's. They are an entree ordering, martini drinking, not afraid to spend any money crowd that appreciates great service. And that is what we do, we try to exceed your service expectations every visit. Our staff is second to none when it comes to anticipating your needs. Put us to the test, we love to show off.

We are starting to see more people during the week for dinner that were exposed to Zig's through the comedy show. That is a compliment to Magic, Jose, and Robert because it is the food that brings them back during the week.

We have to choose our Oriole games for the bus trips this week. It looks like the Yankees are coming to town three times this year. We are looking at Tuesday June 26th, Sunday July 29th and Sunday September 30 (last weekend of the season). We might run into some conflicts with the Steeler schedule in September but we are rolling the dice picking the date. We think Friday and Saturday night would be worse for us with the comedy show. So next time in you might want to sign up for the bus, which will sell out before the start of baseball. This is our sixth year doing the bus trips to Camden Yards and the amount of fun we have is unbelievable, and we even get to see a little baseball along the way. (Lauren has been to three games and has not seen any baseball yet.....). Ever been to the Camden Club? It is the only way to see a game with a large group like ours, especially since Lumpy is behind the bar.

We look forward to a wonderful 2007 starting this weekend and are glad to have 2006 behind us at this point.
See you next year at Zig's,
Tom and all the staff at Zig's

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Fun at Zig's

Happy Holidays to all who read this.
The craziness and rushing around is over. Christmas is here. Time to celebrate our wonderful family and get some really cool stuff like diving gear and video games and a PS3 maybe. How do mom's know that you need underwear and socks every year?
Christmas is special when you are around children. Visiting my sister and her children was the first Christmas feeling that we felt. It ha sbeen so crazy for so long we consider it normal.
We tried something new this weekend at the Comedy Zone. Jazz before the show. it went over very nicely for those who arrived early and ate dinner before the show. The trio will be back this Thursday at 9 PM for our first night of music in a long time. We are planning on having music more often in the New Year on Thursdays. Your feedback goes a long way in determining our entertainment, so please let us know your thoughts.
Friday and Saturday is Just June, a BET regular on Comic View. She is a very funny lady.
Both shows starta t 8 PM and are over by 930 PM, so you can get a lot done either before or even head out afterwards. Either way we would love to see you at the show this weekend.

If you want to come Bond with us......that's James Bond with us. Our 2007 New Year's Eve Party is all about Bonding... that's James Bonding. 007 is our theme and we are going to have a blast. We are giving away trips and weekend stays along with many other goodies we have been saving this year. Tickets are less expensive in advance so stop by and get your name on the list like the VIP you are.
Once again, Happy Holidays to you All

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Zig's Musings for the Week before Christmas

Tis the Season to be jolly......the shopping season has begun. And the comics are having a field day with it. Darren Sanders had the whole place laughing so hard a couple of people I thought were choking. Two great shows this past weekend. Next weekend's comic is Kerry White. He belongs on the Get Er Done comedy tour with his rural sense of humor. A very funny man.
The sign that we payed to have designed did not get approved and we are back to block letters. Why does it seem nothing is simple any more. I often wonder how much of that is my own fault and how much has society complicated things. Just to have a car we all amazing navigate a sea of beaureacratic red tape to operate it. BAck to the sign, We are hoping to have the sign in place by the end of the year. Wait that is on 15 days away. Where did 2006 go?
Our Heather has started driving herself to the doctor's visits, which is a big step on the road to recovery. She is venturing out more these days so hopefully you will see her and get to say Hello.

New Years 2007
Come Bond with us...that's James Bond with us.
The theme of this years party is 007. Pick your favorite villian or for the women your favorite James Bond Girl outfit. DJ, plenty of great gifts to give away. Cruise, weekend in AC, and lots of Kool stuff. Check with Wanda about tickets and we will see you soon, we hope.

Lots of stuff going on. Music starting back up on Thursdays in the New Year. Looking at some Jazz to try out and a few acoustic musical acts. Please check it out this year.
Tom and the staff at Zig's

Sunday, December 10, 2006

D.S., as seen regularly on BET's Comic View

What city other then the North Pole celebrates Christmas better then New York. We just got back from the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show. It was spectacular. The city itself was even more amazing. So many people and so many taxis.
Were you aware there is a hotel room shortage in New York. That is correct, even though there are two hotels on every block, there are not enough rooms for everyone who wants one. Back to Economics 101, what happens when demand out paces supply? That's correct, prices will rise. The regular room rate at the East Side Marriott for the month of December is $660. That is more then the Atlantis in the Bahamas and double what we paid two to three years ago.
Heather and Mike got to take the Acela back to DC tonight, while Wanda and I return to West Nyack, New York so I can work two shifts at the newest Chevy's. I think traveling by train is the best method possible. (of course you need more time, flying's only advantage).
We need to take a sleeper car to California. That would be relaxing. That would be the way to travel.

This weekend Ward Anderson was hilarious. A full house on Saturday for the Christmas Party and he put on a great show. Larson Juhr was a pleasure to host. Our thanks go to them for allowing us to do the party the way a party should be done. Scallops wrapped in bacon, Asian Asparagus, Spinach Spanokepetas, all served while the group was enjoying drinks at the bar. Then NY Strip, Fresh Talapia, and Chicken Cordon Blu for their entrees. Desserts all around, and they all laughed so hard, it was fun to watch.

D.S. coming this week. A Comic View regular graces the Zig's stage. Last time he was here it was awesome. Look for two full shows on Friday and Saturday so please make a reservation.
Hopefully another good week with Heather progressing and the Steelers winning.

For now back to my dive certification book. Homework before the class even starts.
Thanks for all the Support,
Tom and everyone else here with me at Zig's

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sign of the Times...Retro

You would not believe the amount of work required to get a sign installed. It started out with our landlord wanting to charge us $5000 for seven block letters. ZigsBar- which we have not used for years not wanting to be associated as a bar, since we are so much more than that, but back to the sign. So we want a marquee where we can put names up old fashioned style. We would like it to have the clear light bulbs running around the outside. Of course, city approval is required, designed must be presented before any work can be done. After getting city approval our landlord has now balked. We do not expect much trouble from them, electrical stuff and design issues never end. We are hoping to have a sign by year end. Hah, let us thank you for coming since you do not need a sign.
Ward Anderson coming this weekend, been here before and was excellant. We look forward to hosting a very nice Christmas Party this Saturday, so it should be a fun weekend.
A couple of friends and I signed up for dive certification classes here in Alexandria in January. We did a resort dive in Aruba and are hooked. Looking for a trip to the Cayman Island's to certify open water in late February. Even have our seven year old nephews signed up for a juniors class as a Christmas present. Splash Dive shop in Alexandria is awesome. Great group of people, all passionate about diving.
For tonight, a cold Monday, we are off to Seacret's to see Johnny, even in the dead of winter this place is awesome.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon
Tom and the staff at Zig's
Bettina is open for lunch now every day, so stop by and say hello to her.