Monday, April 30, 2007

Old Town Theater Comedy Zone Coming in May

Progress is being made. The Theater is getting closer to opening every day now. Cory has been there daily, cleaning and getting the stage ready for a live show. Lots of Variety Entertainment coming your way with the Comedy Zone topping it off. Every night should be a great night of entertainment. Please do not forget Valet Parking will be complimentary with the Comedy Zone tickets.

Our latest headache has to do with the brick that is from 1914. In order to repair a hole in the front wall of the building the brick must match. Do you know how much brick is left from 1914? Not much it turns out. The BAR is not too pleased with the whole situation. Resolution still to hopes.

Last weekend was heart wrenching. We took everything from Zig's and stored it for future waste.The last two shows were great and the crowds were very sentimental. We were honored by all the love and support our friends showed us.

Bettina and Johnny are down at Seacret's...where they will see us soon. Heather and Lisa are working at Chevy's with me. Rebecca, Sherri, and Aynsley will join us for Cinco de Mayo, which is a huge night for Chevy's. We all apprecaite your support and are counting on it in late May with the opening weekend.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Moving Trucks remove Zig's from Foxchase

One chapter finishes and another begins...........
The final weekend is nearing completion. Two great shows with Keith Barany, who will always have a special spot in our hearts, being the last comic standing at Zig's. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has supported Zig's over the last nine years. We would not have been able to be in this position without you.
94 years ago this week, a building permit was isssued to build the Richmond Theater on King Street in Alexandria. Back then it was not known as Old Town since the town was not old, but had a thriving vaudeville scene supporting the military during World War I. Well, we are lucky to be the stewards of this fine property. Starting in late May, we will be operating the Old Town Theater at 815 King Street. It is a very special room that we are proud to present live entertainment to Alexandria.
We will be having a variety show headlining with stand up comedy from the Comedy Zone. We are going on a long journey with the destination being the Cotton Club from Harlem in the forties. (see movies, Richard Gere in the Cotton Club). B.F. Keith had a string of theaters in early 1900's and introduced Vaudeville entertainment to the masses (read women, he cleaned the show up for everyone) and we wish to carry his mantle on. The variety show is due for a revival, especially done Zig's way.
Bettina and Johnny are getting started at Seacret's, the girls are going to be selling tacos with me at Chevy's until we open at the theater, and Wanda is going to take a much deserved rest while we reload at the theater. We can not wait to have Bettina serve me a Dirty Banana at our favorite place in the world.
We are counting the days until they return on September to the Theater.
Stay tuned for more information coming in the next few days.
We truly appreciate the love we have recieved these last couple of weeks and hopefully it was returned in kind. We look forward to seeing you at the Theater.
Tom and the staff of what was known as Zig's

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Final Week of Zig's with Keith Barany

It is the final weekend of Zig's after nine years at Foxchase. We have been displaced by Chipolte. The McDonald's of Mexican. After documented history of live entertainment going back to World War II as Shirley Duke (1942), this location has been an entertainment oasis in Alexandria. Well the oasis has been paved into a fast food restaurant and parking lot. To paraphrase Janice.
So it is the "Blow Out" party starting Saturday after the Comedy show. Vince will start spinning around 10:30 and go until closing. We have lots of stuff to give away and pieces of history for everyone. Come and say goodbye to Wanda and Bettina this weekend.
The final weekend of the Comedy Zone brings one of our favorites, Keith Barany, to us on Friday and Saturday at 8 PM. Please call Heather and make a reservation for this weekend and help us say goodbye the right way. Your help in making this a special weekend is requested. We really want to see everyone this weekend to properly kick it off.
The anticipation of reopening is exciting and sickening at the same time. Lots of regulatory hurdles to jump there and we are taking them one at a time. The list has to end eventually and we will get back up and running with the Comedy Zone in Alexandria.
You all will the first to know anything about specific shows. We are about to sign a contract for a celebrity in June, but have to get open first in May.
We will keep you informed through this email, so in closing,
We at Zig's greatly appreciate your support over the years and look forward to seeing you in the near future.
Tom, Wanda, Heather and Heather, Bettina, Sherri, Wanda Fisher, Lisa, Aynsley, Rebecca, Jose (17 years as chef at this location), Robert, Dave and Joe.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Very Special Zig's Weekend with the Comedy Zone

Two more weekends left for Zig's. Closing is progressing a lot better then opening. Less red tape to close something then to open it. Although there has been tremendous progress on the Theater front also. Much thanks to Roger and Klause for their continued hard work every day at the Theater. Nine years ago we opened Zig's with a dream about providing live entertainment to the community, well the dream continues anew at the Old Town Theater in late May. We are looking at it as a step in our growth and are ready to take the plunge into PRIME TIME with the opening of one of the nation's best rooms for entertainment. Look for a variety of acts to begin showing up on our calendar. The time is nearing......

In the meantime we have an incredible show for you this weekend, April 13 and 14, at the Comedy Zone at Zig's. We welcome Mike Siscoe, Wanda's favorite out of all the comics we have had, to Zig's for the 8 PM show on Friday and Saturday this weekend.
Give Heather a call at our Box Office to make reservations for Mike Siscoe. It is going to be weekend to remember.

Don't forget the following weekend will be our closing weekend with the "Blow Out" starting after the Comedy on Saturday Night.
We want to thank each and every guest who has graced us with their presence at some point in the past nine years and especially to those wonderful friends who wil be following us to the Theater and getting their Zig's fix there.
With lots of Love
Tom and the Staff at Zig's

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Old Town here we Come! Comedy Zone on the Move

Awesome shows last weekend, again thanks to everyone who made it out.
This weekend we welcome Scotty K to the Comedy Zone on Friday and Saturday at 8 PM. Just recently on Late Night (seems to be a regular stop for our comics these days) and a regular on Comedy Central, his show is excellant.
Give Heather a call at the Box Office (the theater has an actual box office, how cool will that be?) to make your reservations for this weekend's shows.

How fast can a week go by? Between Chevy's, getting Zig's ready to close and getting ready to open at The Old Town Theater the week flew by.
So here we go, Zig's will be closing on April 21st after nine years at Foxchase. We will be reopening on May 10th at the Old Town Theater in Alexandria. Built in 1914 it is a very special room that with our tender loving care can be nutured into one of the best rooms in the country. For those of you who know me, I finally get the Marquee I always wanted. Lots of work and regulatory hurdles to clear between now and May 10th. We are announcing a special show in the very near future to kickoff our stay at the Old Town Theater. Stay tuned for more information on the Blow Out on the 21st.
Hope to see you this weekend at the show,
Tom and the Staff at Zig's