Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comedy Zone DC gearing Up

Hello all,
We are very excited. The work at the new venue is just about complete and it is going to be great to do the shows there. Cory has been working his rear off to get us ready. The management at the Star Lounge and Ballroom is incredibly helpful to us and it is a pleasure to work with them. It is amazing the difference when the club actually wants us there. I loved the Carlyle Club, but the Comedy Zone was never "welcome" there. Obviously I am not working there anymore either although Wanda is still there if you get a chance to stop by and say hello (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for Lunch).
The support we are receiving from the Star Lounge is awesome. Even better then that we just found out that Mike Siscoe will be our opening comic March 13th and 14th. Mike is Wanda's favorite, hands down. He was great at the Carlyle Club and I can guarantee (money back) he will not disappoint at the Star Lounge. Mike Siscoe is one of the best comedians we have ever had. We welcome him with open arms. Gemini will be coming in April with the magic show that went over so well last time he was in town. We also get to host Paul Hooper, one of my personal favorites all time. He never made it to the Carlyle Club and we look forward to seeing him again at the Star. Rapid fire, sarcastic Paul leaves you talking about it on Monday at work. Be prepared he might say anything. Our first month also brings Miss Gayle, who always puts on a first rate show. She actually gets more people to see her specifically then just about all the comics. Another winning show and wonderful person. We round it out with Ward Anderson, who has entertained us for years. I feel like he has grown up with us and is also one of our funniest comedians. You can not go wrong with any of our shows. To help us out we would appreciate if you got a group of people together for a wonderful night out. We have the three shows for you to choose from now, so there is no excuse.
Overall a great start to our season. The Comedy Zone DC is back with the best comedy show in DC, the best comedy show in Virginia, and the best comedy show in Maryland. (The repetitive nature of that sentence helps us be found in online searches, SEO is the term we learned)
We look forward to hosting all of you from Maryland who venture across the bridge to give us your support to live entertainment. We look forward to seeing all our "old friends" who supported us at Zig's and we look forward to making all kinds of new friends at the Star Lounge and Ballroom.
More information, reservations and videos of the comics are all available at our website

Stay tuned for more
Thanks Tom

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comedy Zone DC new season begins March 13-14

We are back with our 2009 schedule. We look forward to entertaining you and your friends ths spring. Beginning Friday, March 13th and Saturday March 14th we will be offering nationally touring comedians to the DC area. We will be announcing the roster of comics in the next newsletter but I wanted to get everyone caught up on what we are doing.
Our newest venue is the Star Lounge and Ballroom on Little River Turnpike in Annandale. Easily accessible from I-395 or I-495, it is located at the intersections of Columbia Pike and Little River Turnpike. We have plenty of well lit and secure parking right out front. The venue is very nice and is used for weddings and events along with DJ and dancing late nights on Thursdays and Fridays. There is the lounge with a great bar and the main ballroom with a full sound and light system.
We will be performing three shows each weekend.

Friday Up Front is our Friday night show starting at 8 PM in the Lounge. The lounge is a more casual setting in addition to tables and chairs also has couches available for relaxing and enjoying the show after a long week of work.
Food is available throughout the evening.

On Saturday
The Comedy Zone Revue continues it unique brand of entertainment with a Dinner Show in the Ballroom starting at 7 PM with Live Jazz. This is our Variety Show that you are familiar with consisting of live jazz, followed by a couple of variey acts, and then the headlining comic. This is the perfect evening out for date night with dinner and the show.

Out late on Saturday and looking for some good entertainment?
Saturday at 11 is our late night stand up show in the Lounge area. The comics might get a little raw as we pull the restrictions off and let it fly. This is your classic stand up show.

You can visit our website and view clips of upcoming comics, get directions, or learn more about us at

Thanks Tom