Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care TV

With the Health Care Summit coming to television today a few comments to ponder.
Let start with the President, he has a compromise plan he crafted with the Democratic Congressional Leadership at the White House and a plan to pass the bill through a back door budgetary manuever called reconcilation which only needs 51 votes to pass to avoid the Republican filibuster. Whether he can get 51 democrats to vote for it is a different issue.

Republicans are in a different seat. Being labeled the party of no has not stuck because it is not correct. The party of sell outs would be a better description. Is there a back bone in the Republican Party? Stand Up and scream for your ideals. Less Government, Less Taxes, Less Regulation.

Democrats are the ones who the President has screwed. To vote for the plan will mean no reelection for a lot of people. In Nevada watching the President shove Health care down the throats of people who wanted to talk about jobs and the economy, and instead got a "lesson" with a good finger wag, on the need to pass Health Care Reform at any cost. Say Good Bye Mr. Reid.

The President had the largest majority in Congress I have ever seen and failed to enact Health care Reform. His response is to blame the Republicans. How about someone taking some responsibility?
With all this the President calls for a summit on Health Care. Announces it on television without informing Republicans about it. Then dictated when, where, how it will occur. What purpose is to be served if the deal is already done. Oh yeah, I forgot, it makes great television and the president is running for relection you know.


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