Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Federal Job Fair Going Strong Despite the Economy

If we want to control our own future something needs to be done. The situation in Washington is out of control. While the country is tightening their collective belts and hunkering down, the federal government has gone on a spending spree for a lot of stuff not really needed. In this blog it was pointed out that USA Today has shown in 18 months jobs at TSA earning $170,000 or more a year had gone from 1 to 1690. Since the economy is so bad and they are struggling so much but doing such an outstanding job (required performance rating for the big bucks), average bonus for these folks, $14,831. Did I hear the President complain about Bonuses? The President has credibility gap and it is widening.
Investigative giant, USA Today has noted that in the Defense Department, during the same 18 month period, the number of civilian employees earning more then $150,00 has gone from 1,868 to 10,100.
The President has proposed a modest 2% pay raise this year. The raise is treated as an inherent right. There should be no raise this year. That would save $120,000,000,000 (120 Billion Dollars). Chevy's Mexican Restaurant's cut their salaries by 10% across the board to make the company survive this downturn. Could you imagine the savings of a 10% reduction in salaries across the has a lot of zeros in it. ($600 Billion a year).
One last item from USA Today
When I was growing up the federal worker was under paid but their generous benefit package made up the difference. Today the numbers tell a different story, the average compensation package for a federal employee is $119,982, an employee working for a private corporation $59,909.
A Tsunami is coming to America and it is building from within. A cleaning house in Washington is needed. It is enough to make you want to do something.
Don't Tread on Me has taken new meaning in 2010.


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