Sunday, May 25, 2008

Carlyle Club is Looking for Zig's PTO Crowd

A great show this past weekend with Chris Wiles. We have another one of our favorites this week with Monte Allen. We have known Monte for several years and his shows are always one of the best. For a great night of entertainment come out and catch Monte Allen at Floyd's this weekend.
Big changes in the works for the Comedy Zone to be announced very soon. Celebrity shows are being signed this week and we are going to take you to another level of entertainment in Alexandria. Stay Tuned.
I wanted to mention Wanda's new job again. The Carlyle Club on Carlyle Street is her new home and it is beautiful. It is just around the corner from the Patent Trademark Office, so all of our Zig's friends who worked there need to go in and say hello to her. She misses all of our guests and now we can all be reunited at the Carlyle Club. Great Happy Hour, awesome food in a setting second to none. You have to Come See for Yourself to really believe it. Wanda is working Monday thru Friday for lunches and Happy Hours.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wanda at the Carlyle Club - New Job

For all of you missing Zig's, Wanda starts her new job next week (Memorial Day Monday). She will be working Monday thru Friday at the Carlyle Club in Alexandria. I mentioned it in the newsletter a couple of weeks ago, they have a great happy hour with draft beer for $2.50 and what a room. You will be impressed with the bar. For all of our friends who work at the Patent Trademark Office, it is walking distance right out your front door. Please stop by and say hello. She looks forward to getting back in Alexandria, where all of her friends are.
This week, Chris Wiles visits us at the Comedy Zone. A Great show guarenteed. Chris is one of my favorites and rocked Zig's last time in town.
A really good show this past weekend with Lawrence Owens and Mary Asher at Floyd's. We are so proud of Lawrence, who was our original host at Zig's all those years ago. He is now touring as a headliner for the Comedy Zone and doing regular shows at Caroline's in New York City. He appears at Floyd's whenever he is in town for the weekend. Keep an eye out for him, he is going places in the comedy world.
For the best comedy shows in DC, think of us here at the Comedy Zone Alexandria.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Memorial day is Coming Soon - Summertime!

Another week flying by. Just to let everyone know...Summer is Here. Before we know it, it will be the holiday season. Where do the days go? It just reinforces the need to make things happen in your life. If we put stuff off, "until later", later may never come. Tell your mom you love her, hug your kids for no reason. Come to our comedy show and enjoy a night of good wholesome entertainment.
Mary Asher comes to town this week and she is a very funny lady. Lots of good bits on being a woman in today's world. She has been excellent on previous visits to Zig's.
You want to feel your age, Wanda and I attended the DC101 Chili Cook Off this past weekend and while the music was awesome, we might of been the oldest couple there. I usually look for someone older then us, just to make me feel better, but it was difficult to do there. We had a great time, Live was great on stage and Finger 11 really blew us away. Age is a funny thing. I do not see myself as old, but the kids sure look young. One of the realizations we in the restaurant business notice is the age for people to drink is now May 1987. Yes 1987 is old enough to get into bars and drink. Boy the time has flown by.
Help us keep the Comedy Zone with it's unique brand of live entertainment going. Make plans to come out and check out the show this weekend. We look forward to hosting you.
Click on the PayPal link to the left and make your reservations now. You know we appreciate you.
For the best comedy shows in DC, think of us here at the Comedy Zone Alexandria.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Little Laughter for Mom

The Saturday shows are working out nicely with good crowds turning out for the one night show. We want to thank you for your continued support of comedy in Alexandria. This week's comic is Dennis Ross, who was hilarious his last two visits to Zig's. Dennis is one of those comics who make you think and laugh out loud. Usually you are quoting him on Monday at work. One of our favorites here over the years.
Pretty sad for the comic when they spend two weeks at the Atlantis in the Bahamas and then come to Alexandria to entertain us at Floyd's. The life of a rock star. Please make plans to see his show this coming Saturday at Floyd's and let's make him go home talking about Alexandria not the Bahamas. Just an FYI, they do like our crowds better because at the Atlantis, the crowds are distracted from being on vacation, and usually older, although not as bad as the cruise ships.
What a week already, if you know that my day job is managing a Chevy's Mexican Restaurant, you are aware of Monday being Cinco de Mayo. We were busy from opening the doors at 11 AM past our normal closing at 10 PM with a full house the whole time. We teamed up with El Zol 99.1 (the old WHFS) and had a rocking party with Pedro Biaggo, their morning deejay. To top it off, we have Mother's Day on Sunday, A crazy week indeed for the restaurant business.
Mom would love some laughter in her life. Make plans on Saturday and include Mom for the Comedy Zone. It is always special when you share some laughs with your mother.
For the best comedy shows in DC, think of us here at the Comedy Zone Alexandria.
You can visit our website and view clips of upcoming comics, get directions,or learn more about us at