Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Global Warming Job Fair $179,700 Gov't Job

Global warming the science might be in question, but global warming politics are going full steam ahead. It seems the administration feels this is a good time to create and hire 13 people as Climate Change Program Managers in the department of the Interior and the EPA.
Let's start them at $179,700 per year plus benefits equaling the salary for a total cost to taxpayers of just under $360,000 per employee, totaling $5,800,000 per year. This seems to be some one's stimulus, just not the taxpayers.
Is this an end run around congress and the American taxpayer. Is the administration beginning to staff permanent government jobs with global warming proponents. Who hires these people and why do we need them?
The disconnect between Washington DC and the rest of us is growing. George Washington instituted his own term limits when he refused President for Life. It is time for a newly elected government to try things out. It could make things worse, or it could make them better. Don't know which, but what i do know is this, Change will be Good for the country even if it a bad idea.


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