Thursday, May 27, 2004

Sports in Baltimore the Best

Sports in Baltimore one could argue is the best in the country.

After attending the Yankee game this week with 44 of our good friends one would be convinced Baltimore has done it stadiums right. From the Inner Harbor to the stadium itself. Hotels, restaurants, bars, parking.

We have attended sporting events in many cities across the country and although we have fun poking at Baltimore it is alot more fun to go to a Ravens game then a Redskins game. The owner is cooler also.

Even my favorite Yankee Stadium can not compare to the experience of Camden Yards. The Inner Harbor has something over the Bronx. Not quite sure what this heresey?
Game 6 against the Braves is like nothing I ever experienced, but I would of rather of went to Pickles to celebrate then run for our lives to Manhattan. Although Wanda meeting Gary Maddux and half of the Brave team in the hotel bar at 5 am after they lost is a story in itself.

Coors Field in Colorado and Wrigley in Chicago both came to mind but all we did was include more then Baseball and Baltimore comes out on top.
More bus trips and more fun to come!
Stay tuned

Monday, May 24, 2004

From Vegas to Atlantic City to Zigs!....Gemini

from headlining christmas week at the Borgota, to the hot sun of Vegas
then to Zig's in Alexandria

Gemini returns to Zig's July 15 and 16

We try not to use this to promo shows but this one is very special.
magic, comedy, fire, rock and roll it has it all
Vegas show at Zig' kidding
speaking of kidding we will have a special matinee show for the kids and families on Friday.
it is goint to be special.
if you see one event at Zig's this year this is the one.
ask any of us about it when you are in. in advance ($15)
see you soon

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Paradise Advice Expensive or not!

your choice really
how much do you want to spend?
for less then $400 per person total you could go to the bahamas for three nights and airfare from BWI or Richmond. i will spare you the details but the trip is awesome. Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.
Lots of options on where to stay. For the 400 the Bahamian is beatiful.

Ask any of our staff they have all been there at least once.

Spend a little more and stay over at Lacaya which has like seven different hotels. Breakers Cay is the nicest. Ocean front.
1(800)545-1300 Grand Bahama Vacations

but if you really want to stay in the nicest hotel in the world over the last four years hands down....
Atlantis on Paradise Island. you fly into nassau so it more expensive right there although USAir has a direct flight from Reagan (2 hour trip)
you must stay in the royal towers to experience it to the fullest which adds mucho dollars to the cost. but you never know who you will see there. the uber rich stay at the ocean club (a golf cart takes you to the atlantis) very quiet and expensive..not for us

we have a pool and a pond.....the pond be good for you

living on the east coast makes the bahamas possible for a weekend
just a thought i'd share with you all
hoefully we will see you soon

why are we here online?

the reason Zig's is online in the blog world is because of a man named Seth Godin.
If you already know who he is, that means you read Fast Company magazine. I have discovered that magazine is the connecting point of a very large and influential hive.
oops...i am getting ahead of myself here. you dont know what i mean by hive so....
Seth sold his company to Yahoo in the beginning for a zillion dollars and proceeded to write books. He is also an editor of Fast Company.
His article is inside the back cover every issue
if you are in business for a living (not a hobby, how alot of peole treat it) you need to know this man's ideas
His books are available at our website or Amazon
The titles of his top five are:
Purple Cow
Unleashing the Idea Virus
Big Red Fez
Permission Marketing
and the latest release is Free Prize Inside

these are all required reading for our staff
Heather and i took a trip to his loft north of the city (ny) to spend a day with him. to succeed in this world today new ideas are needed.
we would highly recommend his seminar. well worth it.
check out the details and check out his blog
His ideas keep us moving forward
Zig's would like to Thank Seth for his ideas and more specifically for his hospitality he showed us on our visit to his world.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Welcome into my Blog

Wow I can't believe someone actually is reading what i am writing.
Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to check in with us.
i first want to thank you for your continued support at the restaurant on a regular basis. Your patronage allows me to have fun with things like this.
So Welcome to the Zig's BLOG