Monday, August 28, 2006

Big Week Ahead - Seacret's to Opening for LUNCH Thursday

Big Week ahead for us at Zig's.
Opening for lunch on Thursday, Bettina is ready,
the question is, How busy are we going to be? It could go either way while construction is still on going. End date in sight. Harris Teeter still on for October 1 Grand Opening.
We ask that you stop in and say hello to her during the week. We are excited to get back to business again. See you for lunch!

October 1 Pauly Shore tickets are going fast. it will be sold out soon. Please go to for your tickets and then make a reservation through our website for tables.
The dining room is just about full. Ask about our premier packages including dinner, drinks and special Pauly stuff.

We are getting ready for day three of our trip to Seacrets. Violent Femmes at 11 pm tonight.
Pacing ourselves is going to be key tonight. The water has been awesome this week along with the weather. Our thanks to everyone at Seacret's for putting up with our antics. We have had numerous casualities but no one is out for the count yet.
Who will be first tonight?.......

Busy schedule for myself coming up,
Thursday August 31st open for lunch at Zig's (Bettina is awesome)
Monday September 4th Seacret's fireworks to end the summer
Tuesday and Wednesday new menu at Chevy's meetings
Thursday September 7th Steeler Football opens up for the season
Friday and Saturday Davin Rosenbalt at Zig's (he is funny as fart)
Sidebar- Why is a fart funny and burp disgusting? anyway
Sunday Meadowlands for the Manning brothers
Monday September 11th bus trip to the Yankees game at Camden yards

Should be enough to keep writing about?
Any thoughts or suggetions please email me directly at

Hope to see you soon and especially thank you for your support because if you are reading this you are the reason we survived the construction.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Seacret's One year later still the best bar around

What follows is a reprint of last year's entry about Seacret's.
It is hands down the bestar in the world.
The idea was reinforced today when my bartender mentioned she had been to Seacret's this past weekend and could not believe how much fun she had there. She had never been anywhere like it. She was carrying on like I have never heard of the place.
That's what happens on your first visit, she has just turned 21 and that was where she wanted to be. Imagine that.
We will be there next week with our entire staff to see the Violent Femmes after a dinner party among our staff and friends.
Seacret's Rules!

Ocean City Maryland is an unlikely place to find one of the greatest bars in the world but that is exactly what you get with Seacrets One can listen to live reggae in the sand all night long (with a keno bar just off to the side) or perhaps you want to go to the night club with the bouncing steel floor, balloons and confetti from the ceiliing and just a dance hall gone crazy. Non stop dancing all....night.....long The ad on the radio says ADD is good at Seacrets, if you get bored in one place just move to another. Food until 1 am, 100 security and 100 servers/bartenders seem like an army every night. The jerk chicken is great, although I should try it sober sometime to really be sure. Dining in the bay floating on a raft while the sun is up is a sight to see (hardbodies only) For us normal folks they have rows of booths along the beach. Over 10,000 people pay $10 a head every saturday there. You must like crowds, North Carolina this is not. That will be the subject of another message soon 1982- seacrets is just that a seacret. Close down the Ocean Club at 2am, walk across costal highway, down a dirt road to an old gas station, friends hung out until morning. Eventually it become a private club, then a public one and now perhaps the best bar on the planet. I was at studio 54 at its peak, LA bars owned by famous people, Tiki bars in tropical paradises, just recently the VIP room at the Ghost Bar at the Palms and I will stick my neck out and say none compare to a night in Seacrets. Find it and get Lost! If you are in Ocean City and are looking for any of the Zigs staff, you can find us at Seacrets by midnight, usually listening to live reaggae and playing keno. Seacrets, Jamica USA

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pauly Shore coming to Zig's - October 1st 8 PM

Yes, the headline is correct. Pauly Shore is coming to Zig's to help us kick off our Grand Opening which happens to fall on the same day as the Harris Teeter Grocery store's Grand Opening also.
How convienent....October 1st. Pauly will be at Zig's for an 8 PM show that evening.
The show will sell out quickly.
Tickets are available at
click on this link and it will take you there:

The tickets are good for admission only. You must come to Zig's and make a reservation for one of our premier packages with a table up front!

We are very excited to host him here. Here is a secret... Pauly likes Tuna Fish sandwiches on wheat bread. Bet you didn't know that. Magic makes a mean Tuna Salad and we look forward to serving him.


Stayed tuned for more interersting factoids and stay current with all that is happening at Zig's

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Violent Femmes playing Zig's Party at Seacret's

Yankees were down 3-1 in the 7th when we got to Seacret's. Bottom of the 7th Johnny Damon ties it up 3-3 and bottom of the 8th Yankees score 3. On came Rivera and out went the O's.
Then after that we checked the reggae band for a while then went to the club and watched the band eleven eleven. They did a cover of Jump and the whole place was jumping up and down, followed by Insane in the Brain and then to get everyone in a frenzy they played Blister in the Sun.
Now to the point of this blog, Blister in the Sun is one of the Violent Femmes hits.
On August 28th the Violent Femmes come to Seacret's to rock the Zig's party. Every year we close for a few days and everyone goes on a trip together. The last two years it has been held in Ocean City. The first couple of years were the picnic in the park (until it rained one year) then the first trip was to the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, followed by Busch Gardens, then Sheenigans, and now for the two years in a row, Seacret's.
I t works really well as a team building exercise and we get to get drunk together which is rare, since someone always has to be working.
Once again, the best compliment we could pay Seacret's is coming back after last year. We have in the past moved around each year, but at Seacret's we have found a home.
One could argue (with success) that Seacret's is the best bar in the world. (see posting from last year below)
Taking the party to a new level - Violent Femmes at Seacret's for the Zig's party!
Any opinions on the best bar in the world???

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yankees vs. Redskins September 11th Bustrip from Zig's

As we get ready to pedal over to Seacret's to catch the end of the Yankee/ Orioles game, it reminds me of our bus trip. Five years these two teams were scheduled to meet and the game was cancelled. Now five years later we have the opportunity to attend the Monday night version of the Yankee/ Oriole series with a bus from Zig's. We had a bus trip scheduled for September 12th that year. That game was cancelled also.
Buses from Zig's to Camden Yards happen four or five times every season. This year's fourth and final trip is September 11th with the bus leaving Zig's at 5 PM and returning around midnight. This is our first night game this year as all the other bus trips were Sunday afternoons, which will add to our "fun". Let us know if you are interested we still have some room.
Now for the best part, if you have been with us you know about the best view in major league baseball according to Sports Illustrated magazine. Mens room of the Camden Club. (I did not make this up, just ask any of the girls who have witnessed it!)
The bar is awesome, where Lumpy takes incredible care of us. Ready for the best part....
It is opening night for Monday Night Football with our locally loved Redskins kicking it off at 9 PM
Yankees/ Orioles live in front of you, Redskins football on TV behind you...
Does it get any better??? (the Giant's game followed by the Yankees in the World Series was better but....) Steeler's winning the Super Bowl was really cool also.
Anyway it is going to be a great time.
Major League Baseball and Redskins football at the same time.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Zig's and Aruba in the same Headline

Congratulations to Scott and Kathleen who have announced their wedding for late October. That's not all, the wedding is in Aruba! Now that's a destination wedding. Looks like a Zig's trip to Aruba is in order.
I wonder if their is anything like Seacret's down there. All bars are compared to Seacret's and most fail the test. Aruba..hah Ocean City Maryland has the best bar. Opps, back to Aruba and the wedding.
beautiful beaches, lots of sun and a casino...Yeah.
Jet Blue just starts flying down there in September through JFK.
What's the deal with NH these days. Not much press, might have to stage something.
Supposedly you can see South America from the island, that's a long way south for us.
Well the plans are made and the trip is on.
We will keep you informed of all the happenings as they occur around the clock.
Best of All, we will get to watch Scott and Kathleen get married!
Rock On

Friday, August 11, 2006

Zig's Bistro's Dining Room to be Non-Smoking

After listening to lots of feedback from our guests, we are going non-smoking in our dining room. This should help all the non-smokers who have been overwhelmed in the past. We do not expect much problems with the comedy shows but the Steelers might be a different subject. Any comments please weigh in, we want your opinions.
The Steeler fans have some very pleasant surprises waiting for them this season at the number 1 Steeler bar in the country. (separate posts coming later)
We are also hoping to become more family friendly with our Grand Opening with the Harris Teeter and all the families that will now be coming over to check us out. In the past they never made it past the dirty movie theatre, now they will explore our beautiful shopping center and discover us, the Gem hidden on the West End.
See you soon, please let us know your thoughts. We really appreciate the help.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Opening for Lunch again August 31 11am

Finally Bettina says, We are open for lunch during the week again.
That means every day Zig's will open at 11am and serve our renowned lunch specials.
Magic behind the counter and Bettina out front. Our A Team is back!
Starting August 31st at 11am.
Come and say hello to Bettina, she misses all her day guests we haven't seen in months.
Harris Teeter will be open a few weeks later and we are poised to take off with them.
Once again we appreciate everyone's support before, during, and looking forward, after the construction.
We have prepared a special lunch menu with our Police Officers and Fireman in mind!
We all look forward to seeing our city employees again in September.
It has been too long since our last lunch!

Construction Ending !?!?!

We see a light at the end of the construction finally. Harris Teeter has put their sign up and according to our sources Grand Opening is set for October 1st.
It has been a long two years of this and despite all of the efforts we have survived this far and it looks like football is upon us. The Steelers fans are ready with reservations beginning already for the season. Penn State is ready to make a run at the title so our sports seasons should be great.
We just started carrying Blue Moon Belgian White, if you have not tried it it is just plain different. Excellant with some food.
We appreciate everyone who has stuck by us throughout the construction and look forward to the fall season!