Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Comedy Zone moving to Old Town at the end of April

Hello Everyone,
The Old Dominion Jazz trio is going to kick off this Friday night at Zig's, playing some great music before the Comedy Zone at 8 PM. This weekend we are very proud to welcome the Tennessee Tramp for two shows, one Friday at 8 PM and the other, Saturday at 8 PM. Just recently she has appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and is also a Comedy Central regular. She is a very funny woman amd puts on an excellant show.Saturday night is a special night for us with an auction following the show to benefit the Lukemia Society. We expect a great turnout for Saturday so reservations are highly recommended. Give Heather a call at the Zig's Box Office from Noon until six, Wednesday thru Saturday to make your reservation.

Big changes going on in our world here at Zig's. After nine years, We are moving the Comedy Zone from Zig's at the end of April. Our new home is going to be the Old Town Theater on King Street in Alexandria. The Theater was built in 1914 and orginally was part of the thriving Vaudeville scene in Alexandria around World War I. We have discovered all kinds of history of the building and want to incorporate it's history in it's future. We have the opportunity to make the Theater one of the finest venues in the country. We can only do that with your help and support.
We are going to have our last show at Zig's on Saturday April 21st and our first show at the Old Town Theater on April 27th. Lots of regulatory work still to be done so more to follow in the coming weeks.
Most of you are thinking, parking in Old Town sucks, but we will have valet parking to eliminate the number one issue for you. We hope to turn the Old Town Theater into a room that the City can be proud of.
We appreciate your support to this point and really ask for your help moving forward.
Hope to see you in the next few weeks at the Comedy Zone at Zig's.
Tom and the staff of Zig's

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Full Weekend of Live Entertainment at Zig's

Spring has arrived. We got drunk last night at Seacret's and are going for a bike ride this morning. Ocean City springtime is special. Last night was Sysco night since their convention is in town and they had a great time. Packed Seacret's on a Monday night.

This weekend at Zig's we kick it off early with Jazz on Thursday night starting at 8 PM and accompanying a great meal hopefully. Late night we have the Hip Hop show back with us. They will get the DJs started around 10:30 PM.

Going into the weekend the Comedy Zone welcomes Dan Swartwout. He is a s funny as his name. Last time here he was awesome.
A full weekend of entertainment at Zig's for you.It is going to be tough to top last weekend. We want to thank everyone who made Saint Patrick's Day a roaring success. Good times had by all. Special shout out to Vince, who put the entertainment together and was spinning tunes all night for us. What a great night.
So plan on coming by Zig's and stop in for some live entertainment Thursday, Friday, or Saturday this weekend.

Johnny's last week is coming up, Bettina is getting ready to report to work at Seacret's in April, Heather, Sherri and Lisa school is gearing up again.
Springtime with the change in the air. We will keep you posted on all of the happenings here at Zig's.
We all hope to see you this weekend.
Thanks for reading,
Tom and the Staff at Zig's

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Major laegue Baseball Player is coming to the Comed Zone?

A former Minnesota Twin, now turned stand up comic, comes to Zig's this weekend. Come check out Mike Allen at the Comedy Zone on Friday and Saturday at 8 PM at Zig's. Good thing he is already financially secure because comedy does not pay like Major League Baseball. He puts on an excellant show, so plan on coming out early for dinner.

If you are out and about on Thursday we are hosting the Old Dominion Jazz Trio this Thursday night. They will get started around 8 pm, so come enjoy a glass of wine and listen to some really good jazz.

We attended the Josh Grobin concert last night at the Verizon Center. The talent was flowing off the stage all night. His first song was in English, second song in Italian, and his third song in Spanish. He played guitar on a couple of songs, piano on a handful, and drums on one song. The man is extremely talented and seems to have some very dedicated fans running around. Wanda being one of them. Instead of playing with a band, he played with an orchestra. Amazing evening of music.

We will be announcing some exciting news in the next couple of weeks. Both relating to our lease situation and on the show front. We are trying to get a signature on the dotted line right now so we can start the promotion. Keep tuned for more.Same bat channel, same bat time, same bat newsletter.
Looking forward to a great weekend of Laughter.
Hope to see you soon,
Tom and the Staff of Zig's

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

David L coming this weekend to the Comedy Zone

Comic View veteran David L is in town this weekend at Zig's on Friday and Saturday for an 8 PM show. David L is one of our favorites here at Zig's and we have a number of reservations for Saturday already. Give Heather a call at our box office (703-823-2777 option 2) between noon and six and make your reservations for dinner and the show. It is going to be an outstanding night of entertainment with David.
Lots going on around here. Bettina got hired at Seacret's and is ready to go in April for her orientation. Wanda and I can not wait to get down there and have Bettina serve us at Seacret's. For those of you who do not know what I am talking about....Seacret's is possibly the best club/bar/restaurant in the world and it happens to be in Ocean City Maryland. Yes Ocean City Maryland. We have written about them in the past and will continue to sing their praises. We started going there over 20 years ago and it has gotten better and better with age. Johnny has worked there for four seasons and is going back for his fifth. We take our entire staff down to Seacret's every August for three days, that is how much we like it there. No comedy at Zig's that weekend, we are all at the beach.
Lots going with Washington REIT and our lease. Stay tuned for more details. Business can be....well business sometimes and it is part of our growth as a team to handle the change effectively. We will keep everyone informed of all the latest developments as they happen.
We really appreciate everyone on this list because of your support of live entertainment at Zig's has made it all possible week in and week out.
Thanks and take care,
Tom and the Staff at Zig's